Dave and Annie arrive In Mestia

Waking up at 9am i feel better, but still sore. Painful bruises from my pack on my hips remind me of the last two hard days.

I asked for breakfast at 10am so i could sleep in. and when i walk down the veranda stairs around that time i see the beautiful sight of prepared breakfast in the garden of the guesthouse. I cant wait to sit down and dig in! Vegetables, cheese, bread, tea, cake, pancakes and simple khatchapuri. Its all there. I eat up and wait for Dave and Annoe to arrive. 


When they finally arrive around 11:30 we are all happy to see each other. And i meet Dave his fioncee, Annie, for the first time!

After they settle in their room, we hear from Keti the guesthouse host that the horses are ready just outside the fence. This was one of Dave his plans. These horses will take us all the way up to the lakes north and above Mestia.

As we walk to the horses i realize just how medieval these little streets look. This will be a recurring theme in the next few days.

The horses bring us all the way. Although they didnt really listen to our steering inputs, they got us where we wanted to go.

The whole outing took about 6 hours, but i didnt take my phone so i cant put up any photos of this day just yet… Instead i will leave you with a photo of the next day of my friends Dave and Annie…


At the end of the day we decided not to start hiking the next day right away just yet. So we all could rest a bit, plan the walking trip some more and see the sights of Mestia.

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